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the island

‘at the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet’ Plato

Located right at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, Cyprus is the third largest island of the Mediterranean Sea. For this reason, it is usually said that the island is a meeting point of the western and the eastern cultures. The remarkable cultural heritage of Cyprus counts 10,000 years of wealth in civilization and it is undoubtedly the island’s most significant living treasure. Its geographic position, one of the main reasons for the island’s turbulent history, constitutes an important bridge between people and countries of different lifestyles, religions and civilizations. This clearly creates a fascinating amalgam of locals and foreigners!

Rich in natural beauties, Cyprus has a secret combination that probably no other country disposes of: it has the smallest distance in kilometres (45 km) between its highest peak and the sea. Often described as the island of goddess Aphrodite, Cyprus counts a bundle of magnificent blue beaches, hundreds of picturesque cobbled villages, an ancient civilization present through its impressive ancient ruins but above all, the kindness and authenticity of local people, qualities that can only be found in a country that still preserves its traditional character.

The islanders’ exuberant and joyful life is definitely reflected in the travellers’ stay. Within its innovative concept, AMPLE places seek to preserve the values of a Mediterranean society and its unique lifestyle: the hospitality of its people, the island’s multitude of senses, enticing flavours, fresh aromas, and vivid light. And even though nowadays nobody is supposed to take anything for granted, there is still one thing that can be guaranteed: in Cyprus, the sun shines 12 hours per day during the six hottest months and one can easily count 300 sunny days per year.

If traveling means collecting memories, your stay in Cyprus will be etched in your mind: a warm heartfelt greeting from the locals, a glass of local wine, a table set outdoors, food grilled on open fire, rustic homemade bread, olive oil, fresh fruit and vegetables, Cypriot halloumi (local semi-hard, unripe brined cheese with mint), orange-blossom honey dripping desserts, the aromas of mountain herbs; wild thyme, sage, lavender, the intoxicating smell of jasmine, a typical Cypriot coffee enjoyed at a local kafenio (coffee shop), a chit-chat with the Cypriot grandmothers, a breath-taking view of the Mediterranean sea . . .

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